Your home board

The home board is the main hub of your 9Spokes account – use it to easily navigate the rest of the platform.

Using your home board  

Your home board displays the latest offers from our app partners, and quick views of the key metrics that matter the most to your business. Get to know your home board better with the following features:

Take a tour

There is a prompt to take a tour of 9Spokes when you first register, where you can discover the core features of the platform. For those returning users, there will be a Take a tour button on the top-right of your home board next to the Settings gear icon. 

Quickly navigate your dashboard

In the top mega bar, you’ll see the following tabs and icons for fast navigation:  

Track - Delivers a holistic view of your business metrics in real time. Apps that you connect power up data tiles, to inform key areas such as sales, inventory, finances, marketing, and more. 

Connect - Connect is where you add your existing apps and integrate your bank feeds, to power your dashboard with data! You can also browse and purchase new apps. 

Explore - Explore is the 9Spokes resource hub — brimming with essential industry know-how and business best practices to support your success. 

Bell icon – Delivers quick notifications of your most important business metrics. 

User profile icon – Access all your business and board settings, get quick access to our Help Center, or sign out of your account. 

View new features 

At the top of your home board, you’ll see tiles displaying quick information about our latest features and releases. This is a great way to stay up to date with our offerings and how they can benefit your business. 

Access your boards 

Accessing your boards is simple! To get started: 

  1. Log in to your 9Spokes account.  

  2. Select Home board at the top of your screen. A drop-down menu displays all your boards. 

  3. Select Dashboard or an existing category or custom board. 

  4. Your board displays with all the data tiles relevant to your connected apps.  

      To create your own custom boards: 

      1. Select the Home board drop-down menu. 

      2. Click Create new board

      3. Next, you’ll select tiles from various categories and name your custom board. For further guidance, click here.

        Browse your tiles 

        The Home board lets you browse all your tiles and apps in one place for quick, streamlined views of your latest business metrics. Use the filter to browse tiles by categories:

        • Accounting and money
        • Social and marketing
        • Payroll and HR
        • Product and inventory 

        To view more tiles on your home board, click Load more tiles. To add more apps to your Tracker, click Connect apps.

        View feature highlights 

        At the bottom of your dashboard, you’ll see the best feature highlights from Explore — our in platform business resource hub. You’ll get access to relevant news and thought leadership articles from industry titans, as well as useful tools to propel your performance forward.  

        To discover more about a highlighted feature, click Learn more