Understanding tile types and categories

Follow our guide to the different tile types and categories.

Tile types 

When you connect an app, tiles power up with data and display on your dashboard — giving you the business insights you need to make smart, data-driven decisions. You can create multiple custom boards with tiles of your choice to suit your business needs. To learn more, click here.

To make data viewing even simpler, we also have category boards which auto-populate with tiles based on set categories. To learn more, click here.

Tile categories 

Tiles cover all areas of your business and are grouped into the following categories: 


Admin claims (Expensify) 

Make it easy for you and your team to submit expenses to your admin team. Use the admin claims tile to check your pending claims total, drilled down by employee. 

My expenses (Expensify) 

Use Expensify to see your total expense claims broken down by status. Add the My expenses tile to see how much money you claimed. 

Oldest expenses (Expensify) 

View your oldest expenses, the average time to pay and average expense claim amount. Add the Oldest expenses tile to understand your past expense claim and improve your forecasting. 

Top expenses (Expensify) 

Check your top expenses by category and the total for the year. Add the Top expenses tile to see where the other expenses are coming from. 


Spending trends (Visa) 

Check the Spending trends for visa business cards that your business generated over a period. Add the Spending trends tile to keep track and compare spending by the current month to the same month last year. 


Engagement overview (Facebook, LinkedIn) 

Refers to the actions people take on your page and posts, such as reactions, shares and comments. Add the Engagement overview tile to see people engagement by post over time. 

Posts and impressions (Instagram, LinkedIn) 

Count the total number of posts and compare it with the total number of impressions generated. Add this tile to check how your social activity is driving visibility. 

Engagement performance (Instagram) 

Know the best time to post and how each media type performs. Add this tile to understand what types of posts you should make and when you should post. 

Views to actions (Facebook, Instagram) 

Refers to the number of times people viewed the videos you posted. Actions measure reactions, shares and comments from users. Add the Views to actions tile to quickly check how your audience is engaging with your videos. 

Overall impressions (Facebook) 

See the total number of followers and the total impressions generated by your posts. Add this tile to see the relationship between the gained visibility from your ads and your fan base growth. 

Page performance (Google Analytics) 

Add this tile to quickly see bounce rates and exit rates of your website’s pages over a defined time period. 

Page view breakdown (Google Analytics) 

Displays the top performing pages across your website. Add this tile to understand how people are interacting with your website, which pages are most popular and which pages have the longest view time. 

Ad clicks to revenue (Google Analytics) 

See how many clicks your Google Ads campaigns are generating and how much revenue they generate. Add this tile to check the returns of your paid traffic campaigns. 

Source of visitors (Google Analytics) 

View your website’s total sessions, as well as where the traffic is coming from. Add this tile to quickly see your most important traffic sources. 

Subscriber growth (Mailchimp) 

Follow the trend in subscriber growth across Mailchimp audience lists. Add this tile to see whether your audience is growing or shrinking. 

Campaign performance (Mailchimp) 

Understand how well your campaign is performing based on key metrics, such as the click rate, open rate, bounce rate and the unsubscribed rate. Add this tile to see what’s working and adjust your content strategy accordingly. 

Open rate vs click rate (Mailchimp) 

View the number of opened emails vs the number of clicks or interactions with the links that you have included in your campaign. Add this tile to assess the performance of your email marketing and know when to adjust. 


Business account balances (ABC Bank) 

This tile can be used to monitor your account balances, or it can be used in accounting to determine which accounts are experiencing the least activity. This is an indicator that an account can be merged into a larger and more active account that is of a similar nature. 

Monthly balance summary (ABC Bank) 

This tile shows the average balance of selected accounts and credit cards for the current month. Getting a quick view of your balance summary helps with your overall business decision-making and planning. 

Monthly account summary (ABC Bank) 

This tile displays the total sum amounts of your accounts. With all connected accounts displayed in one location, you get a valuable snapshot of your cash position so you can compare and manage your money more effectively. Use this tile to gain visibility across all your accounts and credit cards, without having to log into them separately. 


Top monthly spenders (Visa) 

Track your top spenders, their spending habits, and their average monthly spending. This is an efficient way to monitor cash flow and employee spending. 


Recent documents (Google Workspace) 

View the latest documents you’ve been working on to quickly pick up where you left off. Add this tile to see the latest Docs, Sheets and Slides documents you opened. 


Revenue (FreshBooks, Sage) 

Check the revenue that your business generated over a time period. Add the Revenue tile to keep track of how much money your business is bringing in and compare it to previous periods. 

Net profit (FreeAgent, FreshBooks, Sage) 

Net profit is your business’ revenue after subtracting the costs of goods sold plus all other expenses. Use the Net profit tile to track your business gains, or losses, over time. 

Gross profit (FreeAgent, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Sage) 

Gross profit is your business’ revenue minus costs of goods sold, not including other expenses. Use the Gross profit tile to check your business gains, or losses, over time. 

Cash & commitments (FreshBooks, MYOB) 

See your business’ latest cash position. Add the Cash & commitments tile to monitor cashflow in and out of the business and keep up to date with the financial situation of your business. 

Account balance (FreeAgent, Sage) 

Get an overview of your balances across your different banks and accounts. Add the Account balance tile to view your cash position across all your accounts and banks. 

Outstanding invoices & bills (FreeAgent, MYOB, Sage) 

Keep track of invoices and bills payable for a view of your business’ future cash position. Add the Outstanding invoices & bills to prepare for cash flow fluctuations in advance, effectively manage working capital and keep cash flow healthy. 

New transactions (Visa) 

Check the last 10 transactions tile for accounts that will list the 10 most recent transactions on selected accounts associated with your business. Adding the tile to your dashboard will give the business insight on the latest transactions and the amount spent on the selected accounts. 

Card spending (Visa) 

Track spending on your Visa Business card over a 30-day period. This tile helps you monitor your spending alongside other key metrics and to identify areas that may need financial management. 


Stock on hand (FreeAgent, Sage, Vend, Shopify, Unleashed) 

Track stock levels in near real-time and see what items are available. Add the Stock on hand tile to quickly see high and low stock levels. 

Product performance (FreeAgent, Wave, Sage, Vend, Shopify, Unleashed) 

Provides a list of the best performing products by revenue and gross profit. Add the Product performance tile to understand how to prioritize products to achieve the best returns. 


Avg. spend per sale (FreeAgent, Wave, Sage, Vend, Shopify, Unleashed) 

See how much customers are spending per transaction. Add the Av. Spend per sale tile to understand purchase behavior and improve your pricing and marketing. 

Avg. items per sale (Vend, Shopify, Unleashed) 

See how many items customers are generally purchasing per transaction. Add this tile to understand what the average card size is over time. 

Sales revenue (Vend, Shopify, Unleashed) 

Keep track of the revenue generated by your e-commerce site. Add this tile to see how much money your site is bringing over time. 

Payroll data 

Pay run summary (Talenox, ADP) 

View your total rostered staff hours and your estimated staff costs based on payroll information. Add this tile to predict your total staff wages costs and drive effective business decisions by aligning staff resources to maximize profit and staff utilization. 

People on leave (Talenox) 

View people leave requests in the past period and check for overlaps. Use this tile to better manage your people resources, which can help optimize staff deployment and support contingency planning.

Staff wages (Talenox, ADP) 

Compare your total monthly staff wages over the last 12 – 24 months. Add this tile to understand your total staff wages expense across the last two years and plan for a better future. 

Staff wages by category (ADP) 

Use this tile to get a snapshot of the latest total wage cost and the split of employees by related pay group. 

Tile features 

To learn more about any data displayed, click Tile details from the mini drop-down menu. If a tile’s data isn’t relevant to you, simply click Remove.  

To learn more about tile features, click here.