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Set up push notifications on mobile

Push notifications send pop-up messages from the 9Spokes platform directly to your mobile device. 

Our platform uses push notifications to alert you to important changes in your metrics, or goal-related data customized to your business needs.

Setting up push notifications 

To set up push notifications on your mobile device: 

  1. Log in to your 9Spokes account using the web app on your mobile device.  

  2. Click on the  icon at the bottom of your screen. The Settings menu displays.   

  3. Select  Notifications

  4. Enable the Push Notifications toggle.  

  5. Under Advanced settings, you will see your connected apps and the associated tiles. Enable the toggle button next to a tile to activate notifications for that specific tile. 

        Setting up custom notifications 

        To set up custom notifications: 

        1. Under Advanced settings, click the name of the tile you want to receive notifications for.  A settings menu displays. 

        2. Select the Notification Method drop-down menu.  

        3. Under Targeted alerts:

          1. Check the Period and Metric boxes to receive daily and/or monthly notifications.

          2. Add numerical thresholds to your Target fields.  


        4. If required, return to your business Tracker and select additional tiles to set up more notifications. When your data reaches the targets you’ve set, a push notification will be sent to your mobile device as shown below.