Introducing 9Spokes

With an always-on 360° view of operations, 9Spokes fully supports your business goals and growth. Find out about Track, Connect, and Explore.


At our core is Track; a live feed of streamlined business data, powered by the apps and services that you connect. Track how your business is performing across all areas — from marketing and social media to sales, finance, HR, and inventory — in one place.   

Your data is arranged into graphical tiles, providing a deep dive into your key banking, financial and social media metrics. They can be grouped into multiple customized boards — think cash flow mapped out in one space.  

Personalized alerts and push notifications help you to monitor performance and flag where action is required, even while you’re on the go! 


Alongside your Track dashboard is Connect, where you can discover, trial, and purchase new apps and services by region.  

Connect your bank for a complete overview of your financial situation and select tiles to power your business performance tracker. 


Data is knowledge is power. This trifecta cultivates confident decision-making to move your business forward.  

Ready to support your success is Explore, our centralized resource hub. Explore provides useful business tools and templates, and insightful content on everything from best practice principles to industry trends.   

9Spokes is a powerful business ecosystem with global scale. By delivering smart insights, we empower modern businesses to achieve big things.