Source of Visitors



Source of Visitors is broken into two parts by a drop-down menu to display Number and Percentage of visitors that have entered your website through various sources





To find these metrics please log in to Google Analytics


1. Under Reports, click on Acquisition

2. Click on All Traffic

3. Then click on Channels

4. Select Date search parameter to match the Tile (Day, Month or Year)




On the Channels page then click on Source tab situated just above the table of statistics




Source of Visitors reads data from the Sessions column.  These are not unique users, as the same person can engage with your website multiple times a day and it will still be registered.  As soon as you have 1 session registered, the percentage starts at 100%.  This percentage is then divided by subsequent sessions according to their source throughout a date period.

In the above example, we can see that there was a total of 5 sessions which means that 100% is divided by 5 = 20% per session

2 sessions were registered via a Wix website, 1 via Facebook and 2 via Instagram

20% x 2 via Wix Website visits = 40%

20% x 1 via Facebook visits = 20%

20% x 2 via Instagram visits =40%





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