QuickBooks: Cash & Commitments





Cash & Commitments offers a snapshot of how your business is tracking financially by providing an overview of cash on hand, cash that you have deposited into a designated account, committed expenses and Tax/VAT.

1. Reports

2. Balance Sheet

3. This Tile has no date picker which means it is a snapshot overview so you will need to select All Dates to get your most recent balance sheet report then click on Run report



Once your Balance Sheet is loaded up you will see Cash on Hand is shown under your fixed assets displayed by your Bank or the name of your account for depositing cash.  If you happen to have other accounts such as credit cards connected, be aware that money can also be deposited as displayed in the above example, Cash On Hand is made up from the total bank accounts and credit cards or by other means of depositing cash

Invoices Receiveable is the Total Debtors

Bills Payable is Total Trade Creditors

Sales Tax payable is Total Current Liabilities

Your Total Cash Position displayed at the top of the Tile is calculated by Cash on Hand + Invoices Receivable - Bills Payable + Sales Tax Payable



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