Xero: Product Performance



Product Performance is broken down into two parts giving you a snapshot of your Gross Profit and Sales over a Weekly, Monthly or Yearly period




To find Sales, go to Xero:

1. Accounting

2. Under Sales select More Reports and then Receivable Invoice Detail

3. Set your date search according to the Tile, by Week, Month or Year

4. Open Report Settings then tick Status

5. Update




The Tile only displays what is actually is paid, so if the invoice has not yet been paid it will not show up at all.  This is why you must check Status has a tick in order to get Xero and the Tile to match up.



The report will now show you the Product Name that has been sold, the Quantity and Sales Revenue which is the Invoice Total.  Notice there is one invoice that has not yet paid, even though it was first created within the date range parameter of the report search.  The Tile does not read this and will display the two invoices that have been paid 






To find Gross Profit, you'll need to find 2 reports

1. Accounting

2. Reports

3. Under Sales, Click on More Reports and select Receivable Invoice Detail

4. Select date range accordingly and search for the product in question which you will see how many units were sold i.e in this example below 7 units were sold




Now go to Xero Business Tab and select Product and Services


This will bring up a list of all your products where you can find how much it costs to sell this product



Knowing how many units were sold which in this example 7 you can calculate 7 x 19 = £133 total COGS

Find the Sales figure for the product by toggling to the Sales drop-down from the Tile and find the product in question.  In this example £189




The Gross Profit part of the Tile is shown as followed


£189 - £133 = £56 Gross Profit for the highlighted product


The Gross Margin displayed under the product name can be calculated as such:

Sales - COGS  ÷ Sales x 100 = 29.629% rounded up to 30% as displayed on the Tile

(189 - 133 ÷ 189 x 100)




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