What is click rate?



When you send out campaigns to your customers, you may have links that will take them to your shop or website.  They received and viewed your email, and the only thing left for them to do is to click on a link.  Your click rate indicates how many of these audiences have clicked on your links.

How to improve the click rate:

Try to avoid using generic phrases such as "click here" as many people will avoid these like a rash because they have no idea what the link does or where it will take them.

Try to get their attention by showcasing some of your products or services in the body of your campaign then follow it up with a descriptive link that will allow them to see the full content of your product and services. 

Consider also embedding multiple links in your campaign, all of which leads to the same destination but it will increase the odds of someone clicking on it as appose to "where is that link gone?"

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