What is open rate?



When you send out campaigns to your customers, they receive your emails and the Open rate indicates how many of these audiences have opened or viewed your email campaign

If you are registering low open rates, it could be for various reasons:

  • Your subject line is not relevant or interesting enough
  • Your audience is composed of a wide variety of subscribers
  • You may be sending too many or too few campaigns


Ways of improving your open rate:

Subject line

The best way to know what resonates with your subscribers is to try different things.  An effective subject line clearly describes what's inside your campaign, but you'll want to test a few variations to find out what works best for your audience.


Target your audience

Think about who your subscribers are, and what kind of information is most useful to them.  If your audience is made up of sales reps, store owners, and consumers and they all receive the same campaign, they could become frustrated by irrelevant content and in the long term, stop opening your emails entirely or worse .... unsubscribe

If the information is relevant to your audience, they will feel that your email content was delivered to them with care and thought 

You can also use subscriber location, interests, or activity to segment your audience to help send the right content to the right people.  Segmentation helps you create stronger campaigns and build trust with your subscribers.


Frequency of your campaigns

Depending on your email marketing goals, the frequency of your campaigns may vary.  If your open rate is much lower than your industry's benchmark, but you're using tested subject lines and targeting your campaigns, consider testing how often you send.

In general, sending more email negatively impacts the level of engagement, but it's different for everyone

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