What type of tiles are available?



There are various types of tiles that are broken into categories and these are:

1.  Date picker tiles

2.  Drop-down menu tiles

3.  Snapshot tiles


Date picker tiles have various date selection available that you can choose from, but not all of them are the same.

Here we can see this Sales revenue tile has a Day / Month / Financial Year date picker



Product performance have a Week / Month / Year date picker



Page performance have a Day / Month / Year date picker



Tiles like this one have only 2 options Day / Month date picker



The next type of tiles are the ones with a drop-down menu

This Product performance tile has a drop-down menu to choose from either gross profit or sales.  Toggling between the two will give you a comparison between the two metrics



Other drop-down menu tiles such as Outstanding bills & invoices will show you a comparison between outstanding invoices that are owed to you and bills that you need to pay



Some Tiles have 3 options from the drop-down



Finally, we have the snapshot tiles. These tiles don't have a date picker or a drop-down menu selection but instead, the sole purpose of these is to give you a consolidated snapshot view of various KPIs.  Examples of such tiles are:




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