Where I can find more information about a tile?



To find more information about the tile, click on the three dots displayed on the top right-hand corner of the tile then select 'Tile details' from the options given.

Tile details will give in-depth information about the metrics displayed on the tile, apps that powers the tile, and how to best make the use of the information displayed. 


In the above example, clicking on the 3 dotted icons will load up a tile menu where you can see when was the last time this tile was synced with the app it is extracting data from. 

Clicking on the "i" information button loads up a description page of the tile details




Clicking on the Remove puts the tile back into the Tile library.  Don't worry, you have deleted it, you can always retrieve it at any time later should you wish to.  


To find out how to retrieve tiles you have removed, please take a look at our article detailing how to add missing Tiles






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