Campaign Performance



Campaign Performance is broken down into two sections showing your Engagement which displays your Open and Click rate and Bounce/Unsubscribed displaying the Unsubscribed and Bounce Rate



To find Campaign Performance - Engagement log into MailChimp and simply go to Campaigns



Open Rate indicates the percentage of customers who have received and opened your email while Click Rate means whether they had clicked on any links contained within the content of your email such as navigating to your website



To find Campaign Performance - Bounce/Unsubscribed simply log into MailChimp and Click on Campaigns.  Then click View Report for the campaign you wish to see and it will give you information about the Unsubscribed and Bounce Rate for that particular campaign



The tile doesn't show you the number of Bounces or Unscubcribed but instead, it gives you a percentage calculated by how many recipients had received your campaign.  In the above example, Baking Day was sent to 3 customers.  1 out of 3 customers unsubscribed, therefore, the Unsubscribed Rate for this campaign is 33%. 

There was no Bounce recorded for this campaign because all emails were successfully sent and have landed into the audience's inbox.  However, in another campaign there was a bounce recorded

Again like Unsubscribed Rate, Bounce is also displayed as a percentage that is calculated in the exact same manner.  The number of recipients divided by the number of bounce = the percentage of the bounce rate


To avoid bounces which is never good for your business, keep your customer/contact information up-to-date to help protect the audience from spambots and fake signups that lead to bounces.  



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