Open Rate vs Click Rate



Open Rate vs Click Rate is a combined view of all your Open Rates against your Click rates for the Day or Monthly period 



1. Open MailChimp 

2. Click on Reports

3. You will see a list of all your campaigns  

4. In the above Tile example, you can see Monday is highlighted and with a result of 43.8% Click Rate and 81.3% Open rate

5. In your list, find all campaigns that were sent on this particular Monday or month according to your Tile




In the above example, you can see 4 campaigns were sent for this particular day.  Add up the total of Opens and divide that by the number of campaigns sent and do the same for Clicks

Opens: 100% + 50% + 75% + 100% ÷ 4 = 81.25% rounded up to 81.3 8% Open Rate 

Clicks: 66.7% + 25% + 50% + 33.3% ÷ 4 = 43.75% rounded up to 43.8% Click Rate


The Tile will display 43.8% Click Rate and 81.3% Open Rate 




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