Business Acronyms



APIApplication Programming Interface is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications

APMApplication Program Manager

BSPBusiness Service Provider is implementation and/or support for the various Apps sold via the 9 Spokes Store

B2B - Business to Business

B2C - Business to Customer

COB - Close of Business

FYI - For Your Information

IAM - In a Meeting

HR - Human Resources

DB - Business Development

KPI - A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a measurable value that tells you just how effective you are at achieving your business objectives.

MIMarket Intelligence is keeping track of competitors and the state of your industry.  With proper MI, you can operate your business at higher productivity

MVPMinimum Viable Product is a product with basic or sufficient features needed to satisfy early adopters/buyers.

OSPOnline Service Provider - 9 Spokes or an app is an OSP

OUATH - OAuth is One Authentication that allows you to approve one application interacting with another on your behalf without giving away your password

PDPPersonal Development Programme

P/EPrice to Earnings (refers to the market price per share divided by the actual earnings per share)

P&LProfit and Loss (summarises the revenue, costs and expenses earned and incurred by a business)

POSPoint of Sale.  Apps such as Shopify and Vend are examples of POS where it serves as a point of a retail transaction can be taken place and is completed

SaaSSoftware as a Service is a software distribution model in which a third party hosts applications and makes available to customers over the internet.  SaaS, along with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) make up the three main categories of cloud computing

SLA - A Service Level Agreement is a contract between a service provider and the end-user that defines the level of service expected from the server provider.  SLA are output-based in that their purpose is specifically to define what the customer will receive

SME & SMESmall and Medium-sized Enterprise or Businesses

SSOSingle Sign-On is when a user logs in to one application and then is automatically signed in to other applications, regardless of platform, technology, and domain.  An example would be Google with Gmail, YouTube, Analytics 

TOMTarget Operating Model typically means what the business wants to be over a period of time

TOSTerms Of Service

UATUser Acceptance Testing which is a software testing process.  UAT is one of the final and critical software projects procedures that must occur before newly developed software is rolled out to the market

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