Total Leads vs Won Leads


Total Leads vs Won Leads
This widget gives you a historical view of your created leads compared to your won leads (closed to 100%).

Why do I need it?
The Total Leads vs Won Leads widget helps to measure the conversion of your lead generation across the last 12 months by showing your leads created and closed each month. By tracking the monthly lead generation and conversion you can identify patterns in your sales pipeline which can be used to ensure you have adequate opportunities for conversion.

How do I get the right information?
This widget is dependent on your customers and leads being set up correctly and accurately in the CRM application.

Ensure your customers/leads are updated in their respective category (closed to 100% or lost 0%) and that leads are closed on the correct date.

How to make the most out of your widget?
Track this widget to identify conversion patterns and focus or adjust lead generation efforts so that there is no shortage of opportunities in the sales pipeline. When leads are not closed as won, investigate the reasoning of the negative outcome and note this for future leads.

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