Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate
This widget provides you with a summary of your lead conversion rate performance over the past year.

Why do I need it?
This widget helps to measure the conversion of your lead generation across the past year, broken down into 30, 60, 90,180 and 360 day periods. Conversion rate calculates the number of successful lead opportunities that were closed in these periods.

How do I get the right information? 
For an accurate view of conversion rate ensure customers/leads are set up correctly and accurately in your CRM application. Ensure your leads are updated according to their respective category (closed to 100% or lost 0%) and that leads are closed on the correct date.

Ensure customers and opportunities are set up with the correct milestone and updated or closed with the correct milestone on the correct date.

How to make the most out of your widget?
Use this widget to help identify average lead conversion period. Compare this with your optimal lead conversion goals to see whether you are tracking towards agreed conversion goals. Determine key patterns in sales conversion and help to implement future improvements to drive more efficient sales cycles.


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