Top Performing Campaigns


Top Performing Campaigns
This widget displays your best and worst performing email campaigns and displays the campaign names, open rate and click-through rate in the last quarter (90 days).

Why do I need it?
Get a quick view of your best and worst performing email direct marketing campaigns. The Top Performing Campaigns widget provides insight into positive and negative customer engagement with each of your EDM campaigns and displays these in list form against other high and low performing campaigns.

How do I get the right information?
Campaigns that are within two days from the current day are excluded in this widget as the engagement of these campaigns is not comparable to others.

This widget is dependent on your email marketing campaigns being set up correctly.

How to make the most out of your widget?
Measure against industry best practice open and click-through rates to benchmark your email marketing efforts. By analysing your customers’ engagement with the EDM you can address undesirable click and open rates of campaigns by changing the design and content of your EDM’s to match your customers’ interests and preferences. Effective analysis on your EDM campaigns can help to increase customer retention and loyalty.

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