Low Stock Management


Low Stock Management
This widget displays your out of stock products and your low stock products and their associated days since the last sale. A maximum of five products are displayed on each tab and are ordered based on the stock quantity available.

Why do I need it?
Get a quick view of your out of stock and low stock items. The Low Stock Management widget gives insight into identifying excesses and shortages of inventory, and stock forecasting.

How do I get the right information?
This widget is dependent on the stock on hand value being set up accurately and updated regularly. Physical inventory levels should match the product levels in the inventory application.

Obsolescence, damaged inventory and changes in value should be accounted for to ensure inventory value is accurate.

How to make the most out of your widget?
Use this widget to assist your inventory control; by tracking your out of stock and low stock products you can address any supply shortages and maintain optimum inventory levels based on customer demand. Tracking the days since the last sale can help to ensure low volume slow-moving products are tracked and actioned appropriately.

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