Top 5 Expense Categories


Top 5 Expense Categories 
This Widget displays your top 5 highest expense categories, presenting the expense category and the £ amount approved per category in the last quarter (90 days).

Why do I need it?
The Top 5 Expense Categories widget provides a view of the highest expense categories submitted by your employees. This provides insight into the spending patterns of your business so you can make informed spending decisions. This provides insight into the £ value of the most common expenditure types incurred on behalf of the company and the potential reimbursement amount.

How do I get the right information?
This widget is dependent on your expenses being approved. Only expenses that have been submitted and approved will be shown on the widget and any expenses that are older than 90 days will be excluded.

Ensure that all expenses are submitted and approved in a timely manner. Ensure receipts are submitted with the expense when required.

How to make the most out of your widget 
The type of expenses shown may provide a call to action to engage with the associated expense merchant and to establish a relationship with a supplier for discounted prices for ongoing expenses.

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