Expenses to Approve


Expenses to Approve
This widget displays the total number and amount of expenses awaiting approval in the last quarter (90 Days). This widget is powered by your expense management apps.

Why do I need it?
The Expenses To Approve widget will give you an indication of the total amount of expenses to approve and the associated value of your potential upcoming employee reimbursements. This provides insight into the £ value of expenses employees have incurred on behalf of the company and the potential reimbursement amount.

How do I get the right information? 
For an accurate view of your Expenses to Approve, your expenses need to have been submitted. Any expenses older than 90 days will be excluded.

Ensure expenses submitted are in the same currency as your expense policy.

How to make the most out of your widget
Combine with your Expenses to Approve widget and understand if expenses are increasing but not being approved in a timely manner. Reviewing against Cash Position & Coverage widget also shows the amount of cash on hand in your bank account and if you have enough coverage to meet your current liabilities.

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