Top Selling Products

Top Selling Products
This widget lists your top five products based on volume, listing product name, volume and total revenue.
Why do I need it?
This gives an indication of the top selling products over the last seven days of trading. It helps a business to focus their attention on the products that may require additional advertising/promotion to increase sales volume. It helps a business to ensure that the highest selling products have adequate stock levels for future sales and provides insight around customer trends for future sales periods.
How do I get the right information?
The  Top  Selling Products widget is dependent on  POS information being entered accurately, and products being entered in the correct categories.
Ensure sales information is entered correctly.
How to make the most out of your widget?
This widget provides valuable insight around consumer demand trends. Businesses will have some future vision around sales prices and how small price adjustments cause significant changes in financial results.


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