Booked Leave


Booked Leave
The Booked Leave widget lists five staff members who have upcoming scheduled leave. It is displayed in order of who begins their booked leave first. This widget is powered by your People and HR apps.

Why do I need it?
The Booked Leave widget provides information about employee availability for rostering and ensures that you have enough staff to continue operating when your staff are on annual leave.

How do I get the right information? 
The Booked Leave widget is dependent on proper set up of People and HR apps.

The most common causes of error are that an employee’s booked leave was entered incorrectly or employee details and positions were setup incorrectly.

How to make the most out of your widget?
Special attention should be paid to the Booked Leave widget when planning for busy periods to ensure key staff are available. Monitoring this widget will ensure sufficient staff resources are available to complete tasks within their required timeframes.

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