Working Today


Working Today
The Working Today widget displays which staff members are working that day and their scheduled start time. Up to five staff members are shown in the widget, based on the five most recent and upcoming starts.

Why do I need it?
The Working Today widget shows the current rostered staff (up to five) and their start time. This provides a business owner with an indication of their employees’ time and attendance, their staff culture and their operational efficiency.

How do I get the right information? 
This widget is dependent on correct setup of your time and attendance information in the payroll application and employees clocking in when they start work.

Employees not clocking in when they arrive at work, shift schedules set up incorrectly or employee details and positions set up incorrectly.

How to make the most out of your widget?
Identifying staff members who are consistently late to their shift(s) provides an opportunity to discuss how their attendance affects the productivity of the business and to look at potential ways to mitigate the lost time.

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