Money Owing


Money Owing 
Total of outstanding invoices and list of top 6 debtors.

Why do I need it?
Helps a business to keep track of their 6 largest customers and monitor the time taken to receive payment. This would help identify overdue payment from customers and whether they are above/outside payment terms of the contract. Converting receivables to cash is essential to ensure the business has enough cash flow fund daily operations and creditor obligations.

How do I get the right information? 
The widget is dependent on Accounts receivables = to actual invoices sent/ created.

Accounts receivable ledgers usually contain errors and mistakes. Accounts receivable ledger information is outdated and may contain duplicate invoices or invoices that are not due.

How to make the most out of your widget
Provides insight into a business’s most important customers throughout specific times of year and their ability to repay debt obligations. Advisors would also be able to assist with late paying customers and provide advice on payment terms that are in line with the companies ideals.

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