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Associate your business with the NZ company register

Associate your 9Spokes business profile with the New Zealand companies register.

This feature is currently only available for businesses based in New Zealand. There are two ways to associate your business profile to the New Zealand companies register: during the initial sign-up process or post sign-up to 9Spokes.  

Registering during sign-up

To register when creating a new account:

  1. Go to the 9Spokes website: https://9Spokes.com  

  2. Select Get started from our home page. 

  3. Add your name and email address and create a new password in the required fields. 

  4. Click Get started

  5. Enter the following details on your business profile: 

    1. Select your business location in New Zealand. 

    2. Search and select your business name. If your company is not registered, select Add business name and enter the name. 

    3. Select your industry and enter the relevant details about your business to finish your profile. Click Done

            Registering after sign-up

            To register when creating a new account:

            1. Log in to your 9Spokes account

            2. Select your user icon in the top-right corner of the home page. A drop-down menu displays. 

            3. Select Settings. Your user profile settings page displays. 

            4. Select Business profile from the left-hand panel.  

            5. Enter your business name in the Business name field.  

            6. If your company is not registered, select Add business name and enter the name. 

            7. Click Save