9Spokes updates and changes

See what's new in 9Spokes and what we're rolling out to the platform.

March 2022

Connect your HSBC or Royal Bank of Scotland business accounts today

HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) provide a number of business accounts depending on your trading status. You can now connect these accounts to review your money balances on 9Spokes. Each will power three tiles: business account balances, business account summary, and last 10 transactions.

Subscription and billing

We have introduced subscriptions into 9Spokes. New users will start off with a 30-day free trial before being prompted to subscribe. Have a question around subscriptions billing? Check out our guide here.

December 2021

Cashflow Manager

Connect a supported accounting software and build a cash flow board. Minimize the fuss and manage your cash flow position more simply. 

September 2021

Your 9Spokes notifications get an upgrade

If an app's disconnected, we'll send you an in-app notification on the fly with a prompt to reconnect, so you never miss a beat. 

August 2021

Connect Constant Contact today 

Want to stand out and get quick insights into the success of your email campaigns? Constant Contact is worth checking out. It powers two tiles: campaign performance and open vs. click rate.

Category boards made simpler

After you make a new app connection, you will be directed back to the relevant category board. We've also made editing your boards easier in the settings. 

June 2021

Jump into your category boards

Category boards prepopulate with all tiles from the apps you have already connected. Previously, you would see a blank board if no relevant apps were connected.

May 2021

Create multiple boards

With an abundance of data flowing into the platform from multiple sources, organizing your business metrics for practical everyday viewing can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created the ability to segment information into multiple custom boards.

Connect Zoho Books today

Zoho Books is complete cloud-based accounting software that helps SMBs manage finances, automate business workflows, and enable seamless collaboration across departments. It powers one tile: outstanding invoices & bills.

March 2021

Welcome home (board)

Think of your home board as a launchpad. Find a spotlight of what's new on the platform and easy access to your dashboards.

Connect Podium today

Podium is redefining the way businesses interact with their customers. Connect it today and power the following tiles: reviews vs. rating, business ratings, channel performance

Enable multi-factor authentication today

Secure your 9Spokes experience with MFA.

Revenue tile upgrade

The revenue tile now supports forecasting using new machine learning models. 

February 2021

Keep an eye on your accounting balances

The accounting balances tile provides an overview of a user's available account balances across their different banks and accounts. 

Check your outstanding invoices and bills

The outstanding invoices and bills tile keeps track of invoices and bills payable for a view of businesses future cash position.

Connect Wave today

Accounting by Wave is a free, double-entry accounting tool designed for small business owners. It powers the following tiles: product performance and avg. spend per sale.